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Day Trip From Lisbon to Fatima: Itinerary + Tips

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Fatima in Portugal is a remarkable city filled with spirituality and centuries of history. Located north of Lisbon, Fatima has been an important pilgrimage site for hundreds of years and is home to a number of religious relics and artifacts. In this guide, we will share the perfect itinerary for a day trip from Lisbon to Fatima, with all the transportation options and important sites that you shouldn’t miss. 

Lisbon to Fátima Day Trip Itinerary

From the iconic Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary to the Chapel of Apparitions, where believers say the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917, there are also a variety of cultural attractions and activities that you can join here in Fatima! 

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual journey or an opportunity to experience Portuguese culture and history, Fatima is an ideal destination for travelers from all walks of life.

Day trip from Lisbon to Fátima: Day Trip Itinerary

Day trip from Lisbon to Fátima

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Fatima has been an important pilgrimage site for centuries and is home to a number of significant religious relics and artifacts. The city is named after the Virgin Mary, who is said to have appeared here in 1917 to three children. 

Since then, believers from all over the world have come to Fatima seeking divine intervention. 

How to get from Lisbon to Fatima?

There are many ways to get to Fatima from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. There are guided tours, public transport such as buses and trains, and affordable car rental options to take you there.

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The road distance between the two places is about 125 km (77.67 miles), and it will take about one hour and 20 minutes. 

Lisbon to Fatima By Car

Traveling to Fatima from Lisbon by car is both convenient and fast. The drive takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, and it is located on the main A1 expressway. 

Fatima religious site
Fatima site

The route is simple and straightforward. There is an expressway toll and it is about €8.20 euros per trip (so €16.40 euros for the return trip). 

You can find parking spots near the religious sites and in and around the shrine. 

But keep in mind it can get very busy over the weekends and on May and October 12th and 13th. Parking is not free, but it is not very expensive. 


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Is Fátima closer to Porto or Lisbon?

Fátima is located in the district of Santarem in the Central Region of Portugal. It is about 125 kilometers (77.67 miles) away from Lisbon (1.30-hour drive) and less than 200 kilometers (124.27 miles) away from Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia (2-hour drive). 

The nearest airport to Fátima is Lisbon airport, so Lisbon is closer to Fatima and Porto is a further drive away. 

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How do I travel from Lisbon to Fátima without a car?

The best way to get from Lisbon to Fátima without a car is by bus which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, and costs €15 euros. Full or half-day tours can be expensive, but it includes round trip transportation and a local guide. 

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Lisbon to Fatima Tour

Visitors to Lisbon can explore the spiritual city of Fatima on a day tour from Lisbon. 

Typically, each tour will include a round trip transportation in a minivan driving through Portugal’s scenic countryside, followed by a guided tour of key landmarks in the city such as the Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary and the Chapel of Apparitions. 

It also includes stops at other historical monuments and buildings as well as a visit to the burial site of three shepherd children who witnessed Mary’s apparitions in 1917. 

You can book both small group and private tours to Fatima.

Full Day Lisbon to Fatima Tour and beyond (8 to 9 hours)

Most full day tours to Fatima include further sightseeing in places like Óbidos, Batalha Monastery, Nazaré, etc. These full-day excursions last 8 to 9 + hours with round-trip transportation with a local guide.

At the Holy Fatima site

The tour spends the most time in Fatima and then 45 minutes to an hour is allotted for the rest of the sightseeing spots. 

One of the coolest things is that you get to soak in the views of a medieval village like São Martinho do Porto when heading to Óbidos before your departure time. 

The beautiful town of Obidos

If you are short on time and wish to explore a lot of places as day trips from Lisbon, then this tour allows you to experience the highlights of 3-4 places in central Portugal. 

Plus it includes a guide to help you throughout, and transportation is taken care of. 

🛒 Book your small group full-day tour here

Half Day Lisbon to Fatima Tour (5 hours)

You can choose a half-day tour of Fatima, where the sightseeing agenda is centered around religious sites. These tours are for 5+ hours with round-trip transportation.

At the religious site, you will be given free time to attend mass, make offerings, visit the museum and check exhibits and also learn about the history and origins of the shrine with an expert guide. 

🛒 Book your half day group tour here

Private guided tour of Fatima (4 hours)

If you wish to learn about the Three Shepards and a complete history of the Fatima apparitions, then a half-day private excursion with a knowledgeable historian and tour guide is what you need. 

Lisbon to Fatima Fatima day trip itinerary

This half-day (4-hour) tour includes pick up and drop off in Fatima, and an intimate way to explore and learn about the religious site. You have two start time options – 09:00 am or 2:30 pm.

It is a good way to immerse yourself in the aura of Our Lady of Fatima and take it all in. For transportation, you will have to either book a private transfer, drive or take the bus. 

🛒 Click to book this private tour here

Lisbon to Fatima Bus | Bus Travel 

Visitors to Fatima, Portugal can easily travel to the city from Lisbon by bus. The journey takes roughly one hour and 30 minutes (and the fastest one has a travel time of one hour and 20 minutes). 

Traveling from Lisbon Lisbon to Fatima religious site

Buses depart frequently throughout the day from the Lisbon Sete Rios Station. Bus companies such as the Rede Expressos operate regular bus trip to and from Lisbon. 

You can find about 9 daily departures and related scheduled buses leaving from Lisbon on the FlixBus website. 

A single bus ticket costs around €12.80 euros and a return trip will be about €23.00 euros. Flixbus compares bus prices, and it is possible to find the cheapest tickets for as little as $4.99. 

At the Fatima Museum/exhibitions
At the Fatima Museum/exhibitions

If you are not driving, buses are a good way to plan your trip to Fatima.

You can buy cheap bus tickets from Flixbus here

Lisbon to Fatima Train

Can I take a train from Lisbon to Fátima?

Although there are no trains near the religious sites in Fatima, you can take the train to get near the city. The train station is located about 20 km (12.42 miles) away from the pilgrimage site. 

Trains from Lisbon to Fátima take about an hour and 30 minutes, and it costs around €10 per person. Once you reach the station hire a taxi to get to the religious sites. 

For your return trip, you can catch a cab near the shrine or hop on a bus. We book our trains on Omio.com or Trainline for European adventures.

How long does the journey from Lisbon to Fátima take by train?

The distance between Lisbon and Fátima is approximately 125 km (77 miles). In general, it will take you about 1.50 hours to complete the journey between the two cities. 

We recommend setting aside an extra 30 minutes to get a taxi as the main shrine is about 20 km away (from the train station).

Which stations can I use to travel from Lisbon to Fátima?

Depending on your accommodation in Lisbon, you can catch a train from one of the following railway stations – Santa Apolonia, Oriente, Sete Rios, and Alcantara-mar. These take you to Fátima. 

If you are staying in Lisbon’s historic centre then Santa Apolonia is the way to go. When arriving in Lisbon, Oriente station is your best bet. We recommend checking the routes and duration available on this website to plan your day trip to Fatima.

Lisbon Airport to Fatima

Traveling from Lisbon Airport to Fatima is a relatively easy journey. You can take the metro from the airport to Sete Rios station. 

Lisbon Airport

From the metro station, you can walk to the Sete Rios bus station and ride to Fatima. 

Taxis and private transfers can be booked as well from the Lisbon Airport. Check prices for private transfers here

Once in Fatima, you can explore the many religious sites such as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, or visit the Chapel of Apparitions where some say The Virgin Mary appeared. 

We will share all the important sites that you must not miss on your day trip below,

Things to do in Fatima on a day trip from Lisbon

At the heart of the city is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, which houses a variety of religious artifacts and relics. But there are more sites in and around the main pilgrimage area of Fatima that can be visited in one day. 

1. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima

Every visitor to Fatima should begin their pilgrimage at the Sanctuary of Fatima or the Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima. This is the main complex that houses monuments and shrines celebrating the extraordinary events that took place there in 1917. 

Sanctuary of Fatima or the Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Sanctuary of Fatima or the Santuário de Nossa Senhora de Fátima

Located on Cova da Iria, where the first apparition occurred, this is an essential stop for anyone wishing to pay homage and honor its history.

The square is pretty huge and most guides will share the history and facts about Fatima right here. Every month on the 13th, thousands of pilgrims gather here.

Two stunning basilicas are located here – the Basílica de Nossa Senhora do Rosário and the Basilica of the Holy Trinity (Basílica da Santíssima Trindade). 

2. Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity

The Basilica of the Holy Trinity is an awe-inspiring Catholic church and basilica situated in Fátima’s Sanctuary. Its modernist design conveys both functionality and characteristic religious symbolism. 

Basilica of the Holy Trinity
Basilica of the Holy Trinity

The structure boasts a multitude of chapels, confessionals, as well as other devotional areas for prayerful reflection.

This modern church has space for an incredible 8000 people, making it one of the largest Catholic churches worldwide!

3. Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

A hub of worship and spiritual renewal, the stunning Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary is a renowned Roman Catholic church that has been granted minor basilica status.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary
Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary

The basilica is at the centre of the entire Sanctuary of Fatima, and it will catch your attention as you make your way into the square. 

4. Chapel of the Apparitions – Capelinha das Aparições

In the 1920s, a humble chapel was erected in Fatima to commemorate where Our Lady had initially appeared before three children. This sacred place is now known as The Chapel of the Apparitions. 

At the Chapel of the Apparitions Fatima
At the Chapel of the Apparitions

It features an image of Our Lady encased in glass atop the very spot previously occupied by an oak tree. To accommodate its growing number of pilgrims, it has been expanded with benches and roofing structures added over time.

5. The homes of the shepherds

Just one kilometre outside the town, spiritual travelers can explore the historical dwellings of the three shepherds in Aljustrel – now converted into museums. 

Visitors to this sacred location have an opportunity to step inside and gain insight from within Jacinta and Francisco Marto’s humble home; as well as Lúcia de Jesus dos Santos’ dwelling.

Every original furnishing and item remains intact, offering a valuable glimpse into the rural Portuguese life of the early 1900s. 

Tragically, Francisco and Jacinta both passed away during the flu epidemic in 1919-1920 while their cousin Lúcia beat all odds by living to be 97 years old. You can tour this remarkable village via sacra or take a tourist train – either way, you won’t regret it!

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6. Walk the Fatima Way

Caminho a Fatima offers an unforgettable experience! 

Whether starting from Lisbon, Nazaré, Coimbra, or even Valença- all routes guarantee the perfect journey. 

With some stages crossing over with Camino de Santiago trails up until Santiago de Compostela, it’s easy to traverse back and forth along this ancient trail.

7. Gruta da Moeda or Coin Caves

If you’re into geology, then the Coin Caves of Gruta da Moeda is a must-see spot. Discovered by hunters in the 1970s, this underground system of galleries and limestone formations has become an iconic attraction in Fatima with whimsical names like Virgin, Shepherd, and Spring of Tears. 

8. Go shopping at Centro Comercial Fatima

In addition to its rich spiritual heritage, visitors to Fatima will find plenty of opportunities for shopping and dining. If you wish to get souvenirs and gifts from Fatima, the Centro Comercial is not to be missed. 

Centro Comercial
Inside Centro Comercial

This is a large store with lots of religious items and others such as necklaces, paintings, porcelain shirts, and magnets. Although it is a touristy spot, it is quite affordable to buy. 

There is a small cafe and a restaurant on the second floor, where you can pick a meal or two. Or grab a coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fatima Lisbon day trip

How much time do you need in Fatima for visiting?

You will need to set aside around 2+ hours in Fatima for visiting all the prime religious sites. Additional time is required for hiking the Fatima way.

What is the Lisbon to Fatima taxi fare?

Taxis from Lisbon take about one hour and 20 minutes to get to Fatima, and it costs about  €80 – €90 euros.

What is the Lisbon to Fatima distance?

The road distance between the two places is about 125 km (77.67 miles), and it will take about one hour and 20 minutes.

What is the Lisbon to Fátima train time?

Trains take about one hour 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. But you have to add an extra 20 minutes or so for the cab ride to the religious sites (as it is located away from the Sanctuary). 

What is the average Lisbon to Fátima bus timetable?

Buses depart as early as 06:30 am from Lisbon to Fatima. There is an average of 9 daily departures and each bus trip takes 1.50 hours to arrive. The latest scheduled bus is at around 10:00 pm.

How far is Fatima from Porto?

Porto to Fatima is less than 200 kilometers (124.27 miles) away, so about 2 hour drive, one way.

Can you travel from Lisbon to Fatima to Porto?

Yes, you can. It is a great road trip idea. 

Start for Fatima in the morning. You will be in Fatima in 1.50+ hours. Spend 2-3 hours exploring and visiting the religious sites. 

Then after lunch start for Porto, you will arrive there in about 2+ hours. So you will be in Porto by evening – just in time for dinner and a stroll at the Ribeira. 

What to wear in Fatima Portugal?

There is no strict dress code for Fatima, but one must dress modestly and respectfully for a religious site. Pants, long skirts, and tops, comfortable and covered shoes, etc. 

Is Fátima a day trip from Lisbon?

Fatima is one of the most important Catholic shrines in the world and a day trip from Lisbon is a great idea. 

Travel time is around 1.50 hours, so it is possible to visit all the sites and return back to the capital city. Plus there are many modes of transportation available to take you there!

Is Fatima worth visiting?

Yes, Fatima is definitely worth visiting. As one of the most important and unique pilgrimage sites in the world, Fatima offers a unique spiritual experience for believers and tourists alike. 

The city is home to several historical monuments and religious artifacts that are sure to fascinate any visitor. 

Additionally, there are plenty of cultural attractions such as guided tours, shopping, dining, and festivals that make Fatima an exciting destination for travelers from all walks of life. 

The place has a very beautiful pull to it…. when visiting Fatima I felt empowered, optimistic, and inspired – it was an amazing feeling that also makes you grounded and content. 

With its rich spiritual history, Fatima continues to be an important destination for pilgrims from around the globe. We hope you found our post on planning a day trip to Fatima from Lisbon useful!

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Lisbon Fatima day trip itinerary

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