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Lisbon to Nazare: How to get to Nazaré from Lisbon

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Planning a trip from Lisbon to Nazare? Nazare is a picturesque fishing village situated on the Silver Coast of Portugal. With its vibrant colors, stunning coastline, giant waves, and unique culture, it’s no wonder why Nazare has become such a popular destination for travelers from around the world. In this guide, we will share how to get to Nazare from Lisbon. 

View of Nazare beach
Getting from Lisbon to Nazare

The town itself is full of narrow cobblestone streets and brightly painted traditional buildings that ooze charm and history. 

The hilltop square is lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars that offer a range of delicious Portuguese cuisine, while the beachfront is dotted with vibrant umbrellas and cabanas where you can relax in the sun. 

Nazare is well-known for its big wave surfing, making it a great spot to try your hand at the sport. You can book surfing tours, rent kayaks or just go swimming. 

Lisbon to Nazare: How to get to Nazare from Lisbon

How to get to Nazare from Lisbon

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Nazare is a great day trip destination from Lisbon, where you have sun and sand and enjoy cultural nuances. 

There are many ways to get to Nazare from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. There are guided tours, public transport such as buses and trains, and affordable car rental options to take you there.

Map of Portugal with Lisbon to Nazare guide
Click to view the full map with tips for spending one day in Nazare

The road distance between the two places is about 124 km (77.05 miles), and it will take about one hour and 20 minutes to get there. 

Lisbon to Nazare By Car

If you’re looking for a scenic way to get from Lisbon to Nazare, then traveling by car is the perfect option. This route will take you along Portugal’s stunning Atlantic coastline and through the scenic countryside. 

The journey from Lisbon to Nazare by road will take one hour and 20-30 minutes. 

Nazare Portugal

From Lisbon, you’ll head northeast towards Leiria on the A8 highway. Then follow the N109 coastal road all the way to Nazare. 

A8 is a toll route, and you will have to pay around 7 euros in toll fees. This drive is full of breathtaking views, making it a great experience in its own right. 

As you meander through Portugal’s countryside, you’ll be able to take in the colorful and sandy landscapes of the Silver Coast including Peniche (fishing town), and beaches such as Foz do Arelho and São Martinho. 

Shrine of Fatima

You can also stop in places like Fatima, and Batalha Monastery before arriving in Nazare.  

There is paid parking all throughout Nazare. It is free for 15 minutes and then you pay €2 for one hour, and about €4 for every 2 hours.


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Lisbon to Nazare Tour

You can visit Nazare on a small group full-day tour from Lisbon. Typically, these tours will include a round trip transportation in a minivan driving through Portugal’s scenic countryside, followed by a guided tour of main attractions.

Because there are multiple places that you can visit from Lisbon, most full day tours will include other cities and towns in the vicinity as part of their sightseeing itinerary. 

View of Nazare

You can book both small group and private tours to Nazare.

Full Day Lisbon to Nazare Tour and beyond (8 to 9 hour)

Most full-day tours to Nazare allow you to explore places such as Óbidos, Batalha Monastery, and Fatima along with Nazaré. 

These full-day excursions last 8 to 9 + hours with round-trip transportation with a local guide.


The tour spends an hour or so, at each sightseeing stop. 

If you are short on time and wish to explore a lot of places as day trips from Lisbon, then this tour is perfect as it allows you to experience the highlights of 3-4 places in central Portugal

Plus it includes a guide to help you throughout, and transportation is taken care of. 

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Private guided tour of Nazare (5 – 7 hours)

Intimately explore Nazare by embarking on this private tour from Lisbon. This excursion includes pick up and drop off from the hotel, and it takes you to Nazare in one hour and 20 minutes. 

You will soak in the views of the big waves of Nazaré, wander the traditional fishing village, and go to the wave-watching site where the waves can be enjoyed for as long as you wish.

Lunch will be at the village, and then the tour makes its way to Forte S. Miguel Arcanjo. This is the closest that you can get to the sea without having to swim.

Because it is a private tour, you can add an extra stop in Alcobaça or Obidos before being dropped off at your hotel at around 5:30 pm in Lisbon. 

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Lisbon to Nazare by Bus | Lisbon Nazaré Bus

Traveling from Lisbon to Nazare by bus is a great way to take in the beauty of the Portuguese coastline. Plus it is one of the affordable ways to get there.

The journey usually takes around 2 hours and 50 minutes, with buses departing every day from Lisbon’s Sete Rios station. 

Gorgeous beach of Nazare
Gorgeous beach of Nazare

Bus trips are operated by Rede Expressos, and typically cost around €11 euros per person (one way).

You can start as early as 07:00 am with buses leaving every hour in the morning, and return to Lisbon from Nazare at 08:00 pm or after. 

Bus frequency is better on the weekdays as compared to the weekends. 

You can buy cheap Nazare bus tickets from Flixbus here

Lisbon to Nazare Train

Can I take a train from Lisbon to Nazare?

Yes, it is possible to get to Nazare by train. The train station is about 8 km (5 miles) away from the beach and sightseeing areas. 

Trains will take around 3 hours, one way, and tickets cost 11 euros. 

Inside Chapel of Our Lady in Nazare
Inside Chapel of Our Lady in Nazare

Most trains will have one change. You can catch the train to Nazare from Lisboa – Santa Apolonia; the change happens at Caldas Da Rainha, and then arrives at the final stop – Famalicao da Nazare. 

There are about 10 train connections per day.

You can check ticket prices and availability on the Omio website. They only have 2nd class tickets with a standard fare. 

And tickets can be canceled with a fee up to 30 minutes before departure. 

Check prices here on Omio.com or Trainline for European adventures.

How long does the journey from Lisbon to Nazare take by train?

Trains will take around 3 hours, one way, with one change. The fastest trains can take you there in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Which stations can I use to travel from Lisbon to Nazare?

Santa Apolonia in Lisbon has regularly scheduled trains to Nazare.

Lisbon Airport to Nazare

Lisbon Airport to Nazare takes about 2 hours if you are using public transportation such as buses. 

Oriente train station

From the Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport, take a ride to the Oriente station. Here you will find buses to Nazare, and in one hour and 30 minutes, you will be at the Nazaré bus station in Leiria. 

One of the convenient ways to get to Nazare is by taxi or private transfer. This makes for a comfortable journey if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, or have a group to split the cost. 

Things to do in Nazare on a day trip from Lisbon

The idyllic town of Nazaré is perfect for a day trip from Lisbon or Porto. It is located almost halfway between the two cities. 

Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré
Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré

The enchanting name Nazaré is the Portuguese translation of Nazareth.

Primarily known as a fishing village with a long history, today it is popular for giant waves, where there are three picturesque neighborhoods in Nazare: 

  • Praia, with its stunning beachfront; 
  • Sítio, a quaint old village perched upon the edge of a cliff; and 
  • Pederneira is another older settlement that lies atop a hill. 

Whether you are arriving by car or bus, you can easily hop from one neighborhood to the next by taking advantage of the convenient Nazaré Funicular train.

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1. Wander the cute Fisherman’s District – Bairro dos Pescadores

Tucked away in the heart of the city, Bairro dos Pescadores spans from Praça Manuel de Arriaga to Avenida Vieiria Guimarães. Its narrow alleyways are lined with small white-washed houses that stand tall against the backdrop of a gentle stream. 

This is an ideal place for visitors to explore, as the unique architecture and traditional culture offer a glimpse into what life was like in days gone by.

2. Hang out and soak in the sun at the Nazare Beach

The idyllic beach of Nazaré is one of Portugal’s most popular summer destinations. 

Stretching for miles, the beach is lined with golden sands and colorful umbrellas, creating an atmosphere perfect for relaxation or fun-filled activities.

You can take advantage of numerous water sports activities such as surfing, kitesurfing, and bodyboarding. 

For those looking for a more leisurely experience, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy in the area. 

3. Catch big waves in Praia do Norte Nazaré

One of the most popular activities in Nazaré is Big Wave Surfing. The giant waves of Nazaré have been drawing surfers from all over the world for years. 

waves of Nazare

While the waves are challenging and can reach up to 30 metres in height, they offer an unforgettable experience. 

Although the Big Waves won’t be there all day, every day; these waves are unique and sometimes uncertain. 

The best time to witness them is from October to March, which is considered a winter season in Portugal. You can also check out forecasts here prior to visiting.

4. Head to Sítio for gorgeous beach views – Mirador del Suberco

Sítio is the old village of Nazare. It is located on a cliff and offers stunning views of the beach and colorful umbrellas below. 

You can explore the winding cobblestone pathways of Sítio, lined with small cafes and restaurants. 

Mirador del Suberco views
Mirador del Suberco views

The area is home to a host of historic monuments including the iconic Our Lady of Nazare statue, the Nossa Senhora da Nazare Basilica, and the whitewashed buildings.

Sítio is also the starting point of the Nazaire Funicular, which offers visitors a chance to take in the stunning views from the heights of the cliff. 

The area is also known for its restaurants and traditional cuisine; make sure to try out some of Nazaré’s famous seafood dishes!

5. The beautiful 7 Skirts and women of the sea

While at Sítio check out women wearing traditional 7 Skirts. Our guide mentioned that there are different stories surrounding this unique outfit – some say it signifies the 7 waves of the sea, 7 days of the week, the 7 virtues, or the 7 colors of the rainbow. 

Nazare 7 Skirts
Nazare 7 Skirts

But our local guide mentioned it is more about keeping warm than anything else. He said that the husbands (of the ladies) go out to sea without any set return date – days turn months, and seasons change, so they keep waiting for them, and these layered skirts would provide warmth.

It is nice to see the ladies around – they are lovely to interact with, and they usually will strike a pose for you 🙂 

You can buy edible souvenirs from them!

6. Explore the highlights of Sítio such as the Nossa Senhora da Nazare Basílica

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré stands as a grand testament to an ancient miracle attributed to the intercession of the Virgin Mary. 

This venerated Marian shrine is situated on top of O Sítio hill, overlooking Portugal’s Nazaré region, and was established in the 14th century.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazaré is a pilgrimage site and features an old chapel, several courtyards, chapels, fountains, and a stunning bell tower. 

Inside the sanctuary, you will find works from various centuries including sculptures, paintings, and ornaments. 

Within the main altar, there is an image of the Virgin Mary of Nazaré, which is believed to be the same one that appeared in a vision during a storm.

Every 8th of September, a colorful and vibrant romaria filled with tourists and pious pilgrims takes place here at the Sanctuary. Revelers enjoy the festivities that include processions, bullfights, and folk dancing for an unforgettable experience!

7. Check out the Chapel of Miracle’s Memory in Sítio

Memory Hermitage, otherwise known as the Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré, stands perched atop a cliff in Portugal’s coastal town of Nazaré. 

Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré
Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré

The four-sided chapel captivates observers with its picturesque blue and white tilework and pyramidal roof. 

You will be delighted by this architectural wonder that serves as an impressive reminder of religious devotion!

Legend has it that the Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré was established in 1128 when knight Dom Fuas Roupinho was saved from falling off the cliff when he was following a deer. 

Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré
Chapel of Our Lady of Nazaré (outside)

Exterior constructions and upgrades were done in the 14th century, and later in the 17th century, more modifications were done on the inside. 

You can explore the chapel’s vast interior and admire its intricate tilework, as well as its beautiful frescoes and statues. 

Memorabilia from past pilgrims is also on display in the Hermitage, providing a fascinating insight into local culture and religious history.

8. Ride the Ascensor da Nazaré

Ascensor da Nazare is the Nazare Funicular, and it connects Nazaré and Pederneira, and all along the way it welcomes you to stunning views of the beach and the fishing town from above. 

FAQ: Lisbon to Nazare Travel Guide

How can you get from Lisbon to Nazaré?

Getting from Lisbon to Nazare is easy. There are private sightseeing tours, buses, taxis and airport transfers available to you. Typically it will take about one hour and 25+ minutes to get there one way. 

There are regular buses that run between Lisbon and Nazaré and are operated by Rede Expressos and this is one of the cheapest ways to travel between the two places. 

Does Nazaré have a train station?

There is a small railway station located about 8 km (5 miles) away from Nazare town. You can find train connections from Lisbon every day to get to Nazare. You can buy tickets there up to 30 days in advance, or at the bus station.

Is Nazaré closer to Lisbon or Porto?

Lisbon is closer to Nazare as compared to Porto. It will take you one hour and 25 minutes to get to Nazare from Lisbon, and over two hours to arrive from Porto. 

The nearest airport to Nazaré is Lisbon (LIS) Airport.

Is there a bus from Porto to Nazaré?

Yes, there are direct connections and buses available from Porto to Nazare. It is operated by Rede Expressos, and the duration is three hours, one way. The costs are around 27 euros per person.

Is Nazare worth visiting

Absolutely! Nazare is one of the most beautiful and unique towns in Portugal, making it well worth a visit. 

Whether you’re looking for thrills and adventure along the waves, or simply a relaxing break on the beachfront, this town has something for everyone.

If you have some extra time during your trip, there are plenty of activities and sights to explore. Take a stroll on the boardwalk and admire the breathtaking views, or get out on the water for some kayaking or surfing. 

Visit historical monuments such as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazare and experience traditional Portuguese culture. 

Enjoy delicious cuisine from local restaurants and cafes. Or simply sit back and relax with a few drinks and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of this charming town.

Nazare is definitely worth a visit – it’s a unique destination and worth visiting on a day trip from Lisbon Portugal. 

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