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18 Amazing Things to do in Zurich in Winter [2023]

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Visiting Zurich in winter? We got you an expert guide with accommodation, packing, and sightseeing tips so that you are covered for the bucket list things to do in Zurich in winter!

Rich, luxurious, and picturesque are all words used to describe Switzerland’s banking capital, Zurich. A stunning combination of mountain views, glassy lakes, and extravagant stores all make this a great vacation spot year-round. 

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However, as with most European cities, winter brings something extra to Zurich. With crisper, snowy weather, Christmas charms, and the most delicious food, this city is a marvelous winter destination. 

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Why visit Zurich in winter? 

There are so many reasons to visit Zurich in winter, I mean there is moderate snow and the temperatures are not super cold (ask this Canadian, weather in Zurich is amazing – a light jacket and a little layering is all you NEED!), pretty Christmas markets, tons of shopping opportunities, delicious cheese and food, and outdoor activities to choose from. 

Here are some fantastic reasons to visit Zurich in winter

Evening Lights in Zurich Limmat River
Evening Lights in Zurich Limmat River
  • Christmas Markets: There are beautiful Christmas markets sprinkled all across the Canton of Zurich. Start with the ones near the main train station, and you can venture out to Rapperswil, and nearby areas. It definitely feels super festive and stunning with all the decorations.
  • Special Festive Events: From Advent for Children to light festivals, and seasonal menus, Christmas in Zurich is delightful! These events take place in December in Zurich. 
  • New Year Festival in Zurich: The biggest New Year’s Eve Party called Silvesterzauber (New Year’s magic), takes place near Zurich’s lakeshore. This is an amazing outdoor event with food, and music, sort of like an open-air party. The event ends with fireworks display at night.
  • Shopping galore: Switzerland is expensive, but for those who love to spoil themselves or their loved ones, you can’t go wrong with shopping here. You can find all the luxurious brands, collections, and pretty festive souvenirs to take back home. Winters in Zurich bring in great retail deals and seasonal items, which are worth buying (I am a shopper, you can tell I can spend an entire day at the Bahnhofstrasse!)
  • Off-season with fewer crowds, more relaxation: When we visited Zurich in winter, the city was very calm and quiet. There were not a lot of crowds, it was very easy to find a table at a restaurant or public transportation. With various parks across the city, this is a great time to sit and relax in Zurich. 
  • Temperature: Depending on what you are looking for, the weather and temperature in Zurich could be a pro or a con for you. We are used to wearing 4 layers of clothing and bundled up with all the winter accessories that we can find. So Zurich was delightful in the sense it is not very cold, temperatures range from 4 degrees celsius (high) to a low of -1 degree celsius! The snow is mild, so you can walk the old town in winter. If it’s rainy or windy, ensure you are bundled well, because sometimes it’s the wind that might dampen your spirit!
  • Winter Activities: Although not super cold, you can enjoy winter sports (skating, skiing, tobogganing, etc.) in Zurich or take a trip to ski resorts nearby – Switzerland in winter has you covered! 

Zurich winter weather & temperature

 Zurich winter months are from December to February. Winter months also experience at least 10 days of rain, and we found that it is windy too especially when you head to Lake Zurich promenade or Lindenhof Hill. 

January is the coldest month of the year and is also the cheapest to fly to Switzerland. 

Zurich winter temperature

Zurich In Winter Temperatures tosomeplacenew
Winter in Zurich Zurich average temperatures

What is the weather like in the winter in Zurich?

  • Does it snow in Zurich? In Zürich, it doesn’t snow a lot. Statistically speaking there is snowfall for 20 to 21 days. So if you are in Zurich for a white winter wonderland getaway, you may not be happy. But from Zurich, you can head to resorts and mountains to experience the same.
  • How cold does it get in Zurich? Although there is not a lot of snow, it gets cold in Zurich. So it’s important to dress appropriately. Evenings and early mornings will be chillier, and the wind is common. Remember it also rains for at least 10 days in a month in winter, so wear waterproof outerwear to be safe!

What to pack for Zurich in winter?

Here is a packing list for Zurich Switzerland in winter, you can grab a printable copy here

Visiting Zurich in winter? Here is an expert guide to sightseeing tips so that you are covered for things to do in Zurich in winter!
Visiting Zurich in Winter

Where to stay in Zurich in December – February in winter?

We have a detailed guide to where to stay in Zurich, in this section we will highlight the top areas and 5 top accommodation picks


  • Romantik Hotel Europe: This is our favorite hotel in Zurich. Great location – you can easily walk down to the city centre, and the interiors are just so charming. Best of all breakfast is free, and there is also a restaurant on-site in case it’s too cold for you to get out! Click to book your stay here
  • Hotel Rössli: This is a beautiful boutique hotel located in central Zurich. Many of their suites offer amazing views of the Limmat River in the old town. Unfortunately no free breakfast, but you can order one for extra pay. The rooms are stunningly gorgeous! Check out photos here 
  • Limmatblick – This is a relaxed 3-star hotel, with basic amenities and free breakfast. The location is good, pets are allowed and rooms have nice views (plus terrace access). Nightly prices are low to mid-budget. Click to view prices and book here
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Airbnbs & VRBO apartments

  • Apartment close to Zurich city and public transport: This apartment is perfect for a couple, and is located close to the city center of Zurich (10 minutes from the apartment). A premier host takes care of the place, and the property has all the modern amenities and furniture. This apartment is very clean and new! View photos and traveler reviews here
  • Spacious Apartment  – Located only 5 minutes away from the city center, is this Airbnb. You can book the entire apartment, and this is great for families or groups. This place is very spacious compared to most of the hotels we stayed in Zurich. Click to check out this apartment on VRBO here

How to get around Zurich in winter? Airport, and local transportation 

We flew to Zurich, and Zurich International Airport is the perfect starting point in the country from the United States, South America, Asia, or Europe. From the airport, you can take a train to Hauptbahnhof, which is the central railway station of Zurich.

Zurich Airport

If you are staying at the centre, you can walk to various attractions or use public transportation. The public transport system in Zurich comprises trains, trams, and buses.

In order to get around or travel to other cities and mountain towns, we recommend purchasing the Swiss Travel Pass to obtain discounts and travel effortlessly.

Renting a car is not necessary, as the Swiss Travel Pass will cover out of Zurich train rides plus more. Click to read about the Swiss Pass.

  • Zurich Discount Card: If you are staying in Zurich only, opt for the Zurich Discount Card, you will save a lot on train rides, especially if you are staying away from the center or venturing to various Christmas markets and neighborhoods.  You can buy a Zurich Card here
  • Swiss Rail Travel Pass: This is great for those looking to make the most of your trip to Zurich Switzerland. This pass offers unlimited rides on trains, boats, buses, and premium panorama trains across the country for 3, 4, 8, or 15 consecutive or non-consecutive days, plus access to museums and attractions! Find more details about Swiss Rail Travel Pass
  • Swiss Half Fare: This pass is great for a long term stay, up to one calendar month. You can enjoy a 50% discount on unlimited tickets to regular and premium trains, buses, and boats in Switzerland. Click to purchase Swiss Half Fare Pass here

One day in Zurich in Winter

Visiting Zurich in winter? Here is an expert guide to sightseeing tips so that you are covered for things to do in Zurich in winter!
Winter Views in Zurich

Your ideal one day Zurich winter itinerary should start at the Old Town area, wandering through the charming lanes (walking tour), visiting a museum, eating fondue, and festive shopping.

In the afternoon add Christmas Markets to your list, you can head to the Zurich Main Station, or venture to Rapperswill to explore more. 

Finish the day at the old town area – opt for an Opera Show, and dinner. Here is a detailed one day in Zurich itinerary perfect for all seasons! 

Have more time in Zurich, you can choose one of the following activities or venture out of town!

18 Things To Do in Zurich in Winter 2023/24

How do you take full advantage of this spectacular destination and all it has to offer in winter? Start by ticking activities off the list below in this post. 

This list of must-sees and have-to-dos, while you’re visiting Switzerland’s luxurious city, should help you start planning the perfect vacation.

Here’s a guide on all the best things to do in Zurich in winter. 

1. Visit a Christmas Market

Traditional Christmas tree on Christmas market on Zurich main train station
Traditional Christmas tree on Christmas market on Zurich main train station

European winter is almost synonymous with Christmas markets. And there is arguably no better place to experience your ideal festive fair than in Zurich. Mulled wine, the smell of cinnamon, and bright, cheerful lights transform the already beautiful city into a truly marvelous scene.

The city is host to a number of markets, each one offering a unique take on traditional festivities. Head to the market at the city’s main station where you’ll find a massive Christmas tree covered in Swarovski crystals. Or enjoy a cozy walk through one of the Old Town markets. 

Zurich Christmas Markets
Zurich Christmas Markets

These markets usually start popping up in late November and close a couple of days before Christmas. So you have plenty of time to fit one or all of them into your winter travels. Each one has its own opening dates and hours, but you can check the schedules out here.

Zurich Christmas Markets: More information

There are 4 popular spots where Zurich hosts Christmas markets. They are 

  1. At the Old Town – Niederdorf Christmas Market (Dates: Nov 23 to Dec 23, 2023)
  2. Zurich Train Station – Christkindlimarkt (Dates: Nov 24 to Dec 24, 2023)
  3. Urban Christmas Village – Wienachtsdorf Market (Dates: Nov 25 to Dec 23, 2023)
  4. Werdmuhleplatz Christmas Market (Dates: Nov 23 to Dec 23, 2023)

You will be spending a lot of time in the Old Town of Zurich, and this is where you can explore the oldest Christmas market in the city – Niederdorf Christmas Market. In and around the market, you will find the iconic Fraumunster Church and its stained glass windows casting a festive glow. 

Zurich Train Station also hosts a Christmas Market, and it is also centrally located. And the best part is that it is an indoor market set up on the main concourse of the train station. 

‘Wienachtsdorf’ or the urban Christmas Village is the largest Christmas Market in Zurich. It is located near the Lake Zurich shoreline, and you can also skate in this village. 

Weihnachtsmart (and Singing Christmas Tree) is located near the main shopping street of Bahnhofstrasse. 

Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich decorated for Christmas
Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich were decorated for Christmas

You will be welcomed by sparkling lights glowing all along the street. As you head close to the Singing Christmas tree, there will be thousands more lights creating a lovely starry-studded landscape that glows in the dark!

2. Browse the Many Museums and Art Galleries

If you’re looking to escape the cold for a few hours, Zurich’s museums provide a warm retreat as well as fascinating findings. 

With 50 museums and over 100 art galleries, there’s something for almost every interest. Not only will these provide a warm place on especially cold and stormy days, but they’ll offer a deeper insight into Zurich’s culture and history. 

Here are just a handful to add to your Zurich itinerary:

  • Swiss National Museum Zurich
  • Museum Riteberg
  • Fifa Museum
  • Money Museum
  • Museum of Digital Art
  • Zoological Museum
  • Zurich Tram Museum

Both the Swiss National Museum and the Zurich Tram Museum are our favorites.

Don’t miss the churches too!

3. Visit the many churches and cathedrals in Zurich

Many people are often unaware of the number of churches and cathedrals Zurich actually has. With a city that dates back to Roman times, you can find some stunning buildings throughout its landscape.

St peter's church in Zurich
St. Peter’s Church in Zurich, Switzerland

The two main ones to visit in winter include Grossmünster and Fraumünster Churches.

Grossmünster’s two towers stand proudly overlooking the Limmat River. The church was founded by Charlemagne in the 12th century and is one of Zurich’s most important religious sites. 

Fraumunster Zurich

Fraumünster was founded in 853 by King Louis the German and contains a stunning Chagall stained-glass window installed in 1970. Both churches contain multiple works of art, making them interesting places to explore.

4. Feast On Hearty Food

If there’s one thing Switzerland has no shortage of, it’s good food. Zurich has plenty of cheese and chocolate havens, from fondues to food tours, you’ll never go hungry in this city. 

Indulge your sweet tooth and visit one of the chocolatiers for a tasting and some treats to take home. There’s also some tantalizing hot chocolate to be found, which not only tastes amazing but will warm you up too. 

If you’re a cheese fan, Zurich will not disappoint. You can savor many different types of cheese, in a list of different forms. Cheese fondue is the most popular in Zurich and can be found at many cafes and restaurants. You can even learn to make your own cheese. 

And of course, there are amazing restaurants and cafes found all over the city for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between the chocolate and cheese delights. 

5. Also, visit – Lindt Home of Chocolate

This recently opened chocolatey heaven is the perfect place for Lindt lovers. There are interactive exhibits, a chocolateria, and its main feature – the 9-meter-tall chocolate fountain. This is also the home of the world’s largest chocolate shop. 

You may like this Zurich City Tour that combines a visit to Lindt Chocolate Factory

6. Go On a Walking Tour

It might be a little frosty outside, but a walking tour is still the best way to see the city. One of the best areas for a tour on foot is the Old Town. Take a guided walk through this neighborhood to learn all about its fascinating history and view the many historical landmarks.

Winter landscape of Zurich with lake with bridge on foreground, Switzerland
Winter landscape of Zurich

You’ll also find plenty of themed walking tours throughout the city. Walk through the streets to discover the street art, or marvel at Zurich’s architecture from years gone by. 

There are also food tours, photography walks, and social groups you can join to view the city at a comfortable pace while meeting locals and other travelers. Be sure to bundle up before heading out to enjoy the crisp winter air. 

Prefer to stay covered, and not walk? Here is a 2 hour Zurich city sightseeing bus tour

7. Visit the Sukkulenten Sammlung

Another ideal place to warm up is this indoor botanical garden. It’s a large succulent collection, showing off a range of succulent plants from around the world. 

If you’re missing the sun despite the pretty winter landscape, these cacti are sure to transport your mind to brighter skies and sunnier regions. The collection has free entrance and is sure to be fun for all ages. 

From the botanical library to the child-friendly experiment stations, you’ll likely find yourself enjoying a full day here, especially if it’s stormy outside. 

Snowy day in Zurich

8. Enjoy a City Ice Rink

Ice skating is a winter activity loved by so many, and one that shouldn’t be missed in Zurich. There’s a long list of ice skating rinks, both indoors and open-air ones scattered around the city. 

The most impressive rink, however, would be the Dolder open-air ice rink. It’s one of the largest of its kind in the whole of Europe and sees many locals and visitors each year. You can visit Monday – Sunday (opening hours differ on specific days) and your entrance fee include skate hire. 

Another magical experience would be to find one of the many pop-up ice rinks that are placed in between the Christmas markets. 

9. Hit the Slopes

It’s quite safe to say that anyone interested in skiing has dreamt of enjoying the snowy slopes of Switzerland. There are several ski villages within a short drive from Zurich, some with direct train transfers as well. 

Alpine scenery, Braunwald, Switzerland

If you’re staying in Zurich for a few days, set at least one aside and head to one of these slopes. Whether you’re just a beginner or a real pro, Zurich skiing will make for a memorable journey. 

10. Hike Up Uetliberg

Towering 871 meters above sea level, Uetliberg Mountain is a brilliant winter activity. The short hike to the summit rewards you with breathtaking views of the city and its surrounding beauty. There are restaurants and cafes at the top where you can soak in the scenes with a cup of coffee to warm you up. 

If you’re not feeling up to the hike, you can also take the train to the top. If it’s been snowing, it’s wiser to hike in the morning. Before the sun turns the magic white powder into squishy melted ice. With enough snow, you may even see some of the hiking trails being used for sledding.

11. Marvel at Lake Zurich’s Beauty

Also known as Zürichsee, this is a spectacular place to spend a day outdoors. On the shores of the lake, you’ll find a promenade and public gardens on the eastern end. This is ideal for those wanting to enjoy winter picnics, long strolls, or simply sit on a bench and look out over the water.

Another brilliant way to enjoy the lake and the city is a boat trip. You can float along the water and see the many attractions and landmarks in Zurich – all from a new perspective.

12. See a Show at The Zurich Opera House

Not only is this theatre home to some of the most iconic ballets, plays, and operas, but the building itself is quite impressive as well. The theatre also sees children’s shows and renowned singers on its stage, so there’s a show for nearly every taste. 

And of course, this is winter in Zurich, so why not time your visit to coincide with the Christmas market that is held outside the Opera House each year? Find your preferred show on the Opera House website before you start your trip to the city. 

13. Go Shopping

As the banking and financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is known for its luxurious, rich culture. This can often mean more expensive costs, but it also means plenty of shopping opportunities. 


Bahnhofstrasse is the main shopping street in downtown Zurich city. It’s known for its extravagant stores and expensive products but is a great place to experience. Even if you only end up doing a bit of window shopping. 

14. Soak in the snow dusted Old Town views from Lindenhof Hill 

One of the loveliest places to take in winter views of Zurich is Lindenhof Hill. This small park is tucked away in the heart of the city and its cobblestone pathways are bound to transport you back in time.

And since it’s on top of a hill, its snow-dusted views will not disappoint. 

Though the park isn’t particularly large, it has plenty of benches to sit and take in Zurich’s winter magic. It also contains a Roman fort dating back to the 4th century, making it an interesting spot to explore on your trip.

16. Enjoy a stroll along the Limmat River banks

The Limmat River winds its way through the city and is a great spot for winter strolling. The river banks are lined with outdoor cafes, restaurants, and pubs – perfect for grabbing a bite to eat or having coffee. 

You’ll also find plenty of benches along the promenade where you can take in views of the clear blue waters surrounded by snow.

On a cold winter day, the best thing to do is bundle up in a warm coat and gloves and take a leisurely walk along the river’s banks. As you make your way through the city, keep an eye out for street art installations as well as hidden gems like boutiques, galleries, and small museums. 

17. Explore the Kunsthaus Zurich

The Kunsthaus Zurich is a modern art museum that showcases some of the world’s most iconic works from masters like Picasso, Cezanne, and Monet.

Inside you’ll also find contemporary pieces from Swiss and other European artists, architecture sculptures, and photographs.

On top of its great art collections, the museum also has a shop, a café and hosts various events throughout the year. It’s well worth visiting on your trip to Zurich and is perfect for those cold winter days when you don’t feel like venturing outside.

18. Day trips from Zurich Switzerland in winter

Zurich makes for an excellent base to explore more, as part of your Switzerland itinerary.

Shops and restaurants in Old Town Zurich Zurich Winter Guide

You can take day tours or use the Swiss Travel Pass to visit nearby areas,

  • Bern: The capital city of Switzerland can be easily explored from Zurich. It is just an hour away. So you can either take the train or hop on a guided tour. The old town has many attractions so you can easily cover a lot in a day in Bern. Book a guided tour here!
  • Lucerne and Mount Titlis: Another cool day trip option (9.5 hours). On this tour, you can visit Lucerne as well as experience the glaciers of Mount Titlis at 9,800 feet (3,000 meters) above sea level. Tour prices include cable car rides as well as round-trip transportation per person. Check this day tour here
  • Lucerne and Mount Pilatus (winter tour):  You can also combine Lucerne and Mount Pilatus on a single visit. They have different winter excursions to accommodate the weather conditions. Take a look at it here

  • Rapperswil: Rapperswill is an amazing Christmas destination close to Zurich. It is an easy day trip from Zurich, and you will be delighted with the stunning castle and medieval town backdrop!
  • Rhine Falls: Love taking a day tour that is for half a day, like this one from Zurich. The Rhine Falls tour starts from the Zurich main train station and takes you to the Falls area, whilst driving you through vineyards and cute towns. 
  • Grindelwald & Interlaken: This day trip will take 12 hours, but is worth it. You can explore both Grindelwald & Interlaken (with Bernese Oberland and the Jungfrau mountain region) and spend time in the old town, and enjoy the lakes and beautiful landscape. 

Is Zurich Worth Visiting in Winter? 

Yes, Zurich is definitely worth visiting in winter. 

Zurich in winter is a magical place, perfect for those looking to experience a different side of the city. The outdoor activities are endless and the festive atmosphere creates a unique experience that can only be found in this season. 

With its Christmas markets, stunning views, and plenty of activities for all ages, Zurich should definitely be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a winter holiday. 

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun, be sure to check out some of the top spots such as Uetliberg Mountain, Lindenhof Hill, and Grossmünster Church for an unforgettable experience in Zurich. And don’t forget to take a day trip out of the city too! 

P.S.: The city is an especially great spot for winter romantics, as its snow-dusted views create the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway. 

Enjoy a Swiss Wonderland in Zurich This Winter

If you’re looking for the perfect winter vacation in Switzerland, Zurich offers so many amazing things to do and see. Whether you’re eager to get out and enjoy the Christmas market magic, or interested in browsing museums all day, there’s something for everyone.

We’re sure you’re going to love the activities available, both indoors and out in the city streets, public parks, and mountains. 

Winter may bring cooler temperatures and some snow, but it doesn’t take away from everything this city has to offer. So pack warm clothes, don’t forget your camera, and get ready to experience a wondrous trip to Zurich. 

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